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Our Case Studies

Godinez Solutions is a full-service marketing agency whose passion involves helping our clients achieve their goals within their set specifications.

Influencing your customer experience is what we do best. Through extensive market research, thorough strategy, and planned execution.

Clean Cut Lawn Care

Clean Cut Lawn Care was a new business that wanted to establish a corporate-looking brand that was memorable. We did just that, from Website Design, Story Telling, Brand Identity, and Market Research, we created exactly what the owner envisioned; and what the company needed.

What We Did: Brand Identity, Website Design, Market Research, Story-telling, Market Research, Print Design, Social Strategy, and More


Globetrotter needed a place to list there custom coffee; that’s where we came in. We developed an e-commerce store built around their needs and specifications. By creating this e-commerce store, Globetrotter could expand its service area and have a more convenient way for customers to place orders.

What we did: Web Design, Story Telling, and Visual Design

Northwest Iowa Regional Housing Authority

Northwest Regional Housing Authority is responsible for delivering affordable housing to 14 different counties; this comes with challenges. We built them a website, issued them branded emails, and setup up an email notification system. This helped NWIRHA quickly notify their residents and landlords of any changes.

What We Did: Website Design, Custom Programming, Brand Identity


Corgan Larson needed a platform to put his workings, achievements, and ongoing projects on; thus, was born. In politics, a candidate needs to stick out in every way possible. Corgan does just that; with our Photography, Design, and Strategy, we’ve helped him build a professional platform where he can keep people informed on all of his ongoing work.

What We Did: Website Design, Storytelling, and SEO

Website Design

Creating a better website experience

is another huge way we help our clients achieve results; with over 25 developers, we can conglomerate our expertise to make sure every pixel counts. Our innovative methods have helped our clients scale their online operations with ease; we take the guessing work out of design. State of the art Market Research helps us decide the best way to design the User Interface.

Brand Identity

Break Through The Noise

Like the Nike Swoosh, or McDonald’s Golden Arch’s; You can’t stick out without instilling creativity, passion, and a little bit of your uniqueness’ into your logo. Brand Identity helps you find where you fit as a company. It enables you to establish rapport, meaning, and value.

Digital Marketing

Quantitative & Qualitative Data

Market Research, it’s what helps us decide what your marketing strategy requires. It’s what allows us to craft your message, and it’s what enables you to break the advertising noise around your target demographics.
Do you have dropping sales? Unhappy Employees? Closing Fewer Clients?
Market Research will help you find out the sole cause.

Marketing Management

Streamlined Results

Managing marketing campaigns are complex; most of our’s are planned and expected a full quarter in advance. We manage and execute the campaigns for you, so you can do what you do best, and that’s running your business.